Cultivating Buddha's Wisdom and Compassion 

Osho leading kinhin, walking Zen on Siesta Key beach during sunrise meditation.

Osho leading kinhin, walking Zen on Siesta Key beach during sunrise meditation.


The Sarasota Zen Center,  a Sōto Zen Buddhist Temple, is a Florida registered non-profit organization created to support the dissemination and growth of Buddhist Teachings within our communities and to help empower its members through direct participation in its programs. The Sarasota Zen Center community offers a haven of peace and harmony in which to engage in the arduous task of self-discovery through Zen practice. Welcoming diversity, the practice of Zen is available to people of every race, religion, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.



The dharma wheel, like the earth, is ever-revolving and never stops;
The teachings of the Buddha can reach everyone, everywhere.


Osho's Welcome message:

Rev. Daito Thompson- Osho

I welcome you to our Sarasota Zen Center webpage. I invite you to visit our Zen Center temple and feel the warmth of our Buddhist Congregation called the sangha. Let us find the true meaning of our lives through living the Dharma (teachings) as taught by the Buddha (the Awakened One) and successive Buddhist teachers. I assure you; their words of wisdom will inspire you and give a new dimension to your life. While you are here on our website please take advantage of our free monthly newsletter, "MOKURAI: Silence is Thunder!"

Learning how to tame the voices in our heads- without losing your sanity is what we do here. We all have voices in our head. It's what has us losing our temper unnecessarily, checking our email compulsively, eating when we're not hungry, and fixating on the past and the future at the expense of the present. Most of us assume we are stuck with the voice- that there is nothing we can do to rein it in. But there is the one thing that can tame the voice, make you happier, healthier, helps to lower your blood pressure, to essentially rewiring your brain. From cutting edge science supporting the healthy benefits of meditation to our own hard-won practice- the practice of Zen will convince even the most skeptical of the power of Zen's potential to make us more healthier, happier, and compassionate simply by taking up the the seat of the Buddha and "just-sit, doing no-thing".

May peace prevail on earth!

Reverend Daito Zenei ThompsonOsho, Spiritual and Executive Director of the Sarasota Zen Center.