Cultivating Buddha's Wisdom and Compassion 

Zen Practice

Zen practice is the process of learning how to live one's life in accord with the teachings of the Buddha; being awake and aware and cultivating the inherently human qualities of wisdom and compassion.

Where Zen differs from other forms of Buddhist practice is the emphasis on using zazen, or seated meditation, to look into one's own nature. There are thousands of books on Zen and Buddhism, but to practice Zen you don't have to read a single one. The direct experience of reality, and living in accord with this, is available to each one of us at every moment.

Osho leading kinhin, walking Zen on Siesta Key beach during sunrise meditation.

Osho leading kinhin, walking Zen on Siesta Key beach during sunrise meditation.


The Sarasota Zen Center,  a Sōto Zen Buddhist Temple, is a Florida registered non-profit organization created to support the dissemination and growth of Buddhist Teachings within our communities and to help empower its members through direct participation in its programs. The Sarasota Zen Center community offers a haven of peace and harmony in which to engage in the arduous task of self-discovery through Zen practice. Welcoming diversity, the practice of Zen is available to people of every race, religion, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.



The dharma wheel, like the earth, is ever-revolving and never stops;
The teachings of the Buddha can reach everyone, everywhere.

Osho's Welcome message:

"Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it is karmic retribution that prevails." - Daito-Osho

The scriptures tell us that Buddha rains down the Buddha Dharma on all beings in all worlds, past, present, and future. There are none that do not have buddha nature and cannot awaken to the supreme enlightenment.

Though we may not know it, we already possess it. Our Buddha nature is our very existence. Yet, unless we learn to make use of it and put it into daily practice the goal of realizing it, it remains very distant from us. Some people mistakenly believe that they must rely upon the favor or grace of a supreme deity, that we cannot accomplish any good thing of our own efforts. In Buddhism we call this a misguided belief in “other power”. As practicers working towards awakening to our innate buddha nature we cannot accept this radical dualism of self and other power. The power within each of us, our buddha nature is always both our own power and the power of the Buddha embodied in us.

Our four part vow: to save everyone, to remove all hindrances to awakening, to study all the teachings, and to attain the Buddha way of supreme awakening is what we have devoted ourselves to pursuing through integrating these four bodhisattva vows into our daily life. Indeed, it is a fundamental tenet of our Mahayana Buddhism that we should live a life of helping others- that our very salvation is a matter of sharing the buddha dharma.

I welcome you to our Sarasota Zen Center webpage. I invite you to visit our Zen Center temple and feel the warmth of our Buddhist Congregation called the sangha. Let us find the true meaning of our lives through living the Dharma (teachings) as taught by the Buddha (the Awakened One) and successive Buddhist teachers. I assure you; their words of wisdom will inspire you and give a new dimension to your life. While you are here on our website please take advantage of our free monthly newsletter, "MOKURAI: Silence is Thunder!"

May peace prevail on earth!

Reverend Daito Zenei ThompsonOsho, Spiritual and Executive Director of the Sarasota Zen Center.