Please join us in your pledge to help save planet earth.

 1. Protect the green of the earth; the earth is the home of life.
2. Do not waste water; it is the source of life.
3. Do not waste fuel or electricity; they are the energy of life.
4. Keep the air clean; it is the plaza of life.
5. Co-exist with nature; it is the embodiment of Buddha.

  • Please visit the official Soto Zen Buddhist Green Plan website for detailed information on how you can help Save Planet Earth.
  • Please view this short video, “Esho Funi- The Oneness of Life and Environment”  to learn more at
  • DISOBEDIENCE... (the movie) THE COURAGE TO BREAK FREE... People around the world have come together to watch Disobedience in living rooms, church basements, and community centers to collectively experience the momentum of the climate movement -- and to take that momentum to the next level. Disobedience is a short film about a new phase of the climate movement: courageous action that is being taken on the front lines of the climate crisis on every continent, led by regular people fed up with the power and pollution of the fossil fuel industry. The documentary tells the story of 4 communities preparing to participate in Break Free from Fossil Fuels actions in May 2016. Break Free events are being planned on every continent, from May 3 to 15, 2016, targeting coal, oil and gas projects. If you’re moved by what you see in Disobedience, you can join thousands of people in principled, peaceful escalation this May. Watch the video now—