五戒 (Five Precepts)

Jukai: The Five Buddhist Precepts of skillful action are the moral and ethical teachings of the Zen Buddhist tradition. They’re not rules to be followed, but suggestions on how to navigate the difficult and messy business of being human in this human world. They describe how to fully actualize the absolute truth of interconnection and oneness in the relative of world of this and that. Moreover, the Precepts are among the Buddha’s clearest suggestions about how to find liberation right in the middle of our everyday lives.

The ceremony of formally receiving the precepts is called Jukai.

Those who request Jukai Ceremony receive their new Buddhist name, are given the Buddhist wagesa sash to wear during zazen, and are presented with the Juzu (prayer beads).

In this ceremony, each person receiving the precepts has the opportunity to read a sentence or three about each of the five precepts. In this way, the ceremony is extremely powerful, communal, and inspiring. If possible, you should attend at least one Jukai ceremony before receiving them yourself.

Receiving the Precepts is not something we do when we believe we will never act against them, but is itself an expression of our Bodhisattva aspiration to return, again and again, to our intention to let Precepts guide our lives.

The process of aspiring to be guided by the precepts, falling short of our aspirations, and atoning for the harming karma we create is the essence of Zen. This three-part process (aspiring, falling short, and atoning) is the heart of practicing Zen in our everyday off-the-cushion lives.


SZC Jukai requirements--

  1. It is expected that Jukai prospects have read and have a grounded understanding of both "Invoking Reality" by Rev. John Daido Loori, director of Mountains and River Order and "Living By Vow" by Rev. Shohaku Okumura, former director Soto Zen Buddhism International Center, San Francisco. Other Zen Buddhist texts that each Jukai prospect should be familiar with include "Realizing Genjo Koan" by Rev. Shokaku Okumura, "The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma" by Red Pine, and "Refining Your Life" by Zen master Dogen Zenji and Uchiyama.
  2. Have been a dana contributing formal sangha member of the Sarasota Zen Center for at least six months.
  3. Have read, understand, acknowledge and agree to the SZC Student Program of Study.
  4. Request and be granted a private interview, dokusan with the Osho to discuss his or her Jukai.

If you’re interested in taking the Precepts, you can inquire with Reverend Thompson- Osho.