O- Higan Memorial Book


O- Higan (お彼岸) or Higan-e (彼岸会), The Autumnal Equinox celebration. Reverend Thompson- Osho, director, of the Sarasota Zen Center requests that you take a moment to reflect and  to observe the Autumn Equinox known as O-Higan. The autumn equinox is on or about the 22nd of September.  O-Higan is known as a time to honor and pay respect to one's deceased relatives and to express gratitude for Buddha's teaching of Wisdom and Compassion. 

A special O-Higan talk (tesho) by Osho can be read here- http://www.sarasotazen.org/dharma-talks/2016/5/4/o-higan

SZC sangha members are encouraged to share a few words about their loved ones remembered during O- Higan. 

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