Panca Silã- the five lay precepts


More is the treasure of the Law than gems;
Sweeter than comb its sweetness: its delights
Delightful past compare. Thereby to live
Hear the Five Rules aright:

Kill not- for pity's sake and lest ye slay
the meanest thing upon its upward way.

Give freely and receive, but take from none
by greed, or force or fraud, what is his own

Bear not false witness, slander not, nor lie;
Truth (Dharma) is the speech of inward purity.

Shun drugs and drinks which work the wit abuse:
Clear minds, clean bodies, need no Soma juice.

Touch not thy neighbor's wife, neither commit
Sins of he flesh unlawful and unfit.

Such is the Law which moves to righteousness,
Which none at last can turn aside or stay:
The heart of it is Love, the end of it
Is Peace and Consummation Sweet. Obey!