Buddhist Recovery 12 Steps Study


Take a Journey of Growth, Healing and Self-Discovery:Through the 12 Steps as Interpreted in Buddhism.

The 4 Noble Truths and The 12 Steps both outline a path to Enlightenment and to the end of suffering. This step study will attempt to bring these traditions in line with one another, highlighting essential spiritual truths so as to reduce the suffering of its participants, resulting in a spiritual awakening.

The Buddhist Recovery Group is open to all people who suffer from any addiction or compulsive behavior and are looking for a comprehensive, transformative path to end their suffering. People who are dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, eating disorders, gambling, and other compulsive or harmful behaviors are all members of this group. This group will serve the needs of two distinct groups: (1) those people wishing to participate in a year-long step study, and (2) those people wishing to join in periodically throughout the year.

We will teach the traditional 12 Steps as outlined in “Alcoholics Anonymous” and with each step we will draw on Buddhism to highlight the similarities in each tradition to enhance the spiritual experience of the participant.

Suggested readings: Mindfulness and the Twelve Steps by Therese Jacobs-Stewart, One Breath at a Time: Buddhism and The 12 Steps by Kevin Griffin, as well as The Big Book and The 12 & 12.