SZC Ten Zen Observances

  1. Jukai, receive the five lay precepts from the Oshō.
  2. Paramitas- observe the six perfections daily: charity, moral discipline, patience, diligence, meditation (zazen), prajna (transcendental wisdom).
  3. Install a Buddhist prayer flag at the entrance of your home.
  4. Daily Dharma study. 
  5. Vegetarianism- Observe no meat Mondays. 
  6. Recite and observe daily the Zen Golden Rules, and the Day of Reflection Vows: Gatha of Atonement and Transfer of Merit. 
  7. Wear the juzu, Buddhist wrist mala, as a reminder of your Buddhist vows. 
  8. Dana- to increase the giving of charity, maintain a charity box in your home, make daily deposits, as a constant reminder of the need to fulfill charitable giving. 
  9. Acquire Buddhist texts and share the dharma with others. 
  10. Observe and live the four Bodhisattva Vows.